Athane Autumn2017 by Melanie MareAfter nearly eight years of telling the Southern Cape’s stories, South magazine is closing.

In uncertain and trying times luxury items such as ours go first, even when we consider ourselves a necessity.

It is in my nature to be optimistic, and therefore I know everyone who has ever worked on this publication will be fine. But I am very sad for the loss to our region. South, I believe, has become a showcase of the talents of our people, a marketing tool for our area, and a feel-good item to spread the word of how blessed we are to live here.

While the journey for South is ending, I continue to believe there is a place for a magazine such as this. I think the key is a local team, who knows the area, its people and how we do business. Let’s hope the baton gets picked up so our region can continue to shine.

I thank every reader who has loyally bought, subscribed to and shared our magazine with others. Our archives are filled with mails from people from all over that have been awed and inspired by South’s quality, beauty and happy spirit. You have made every effort worthwhile.

Thank you to every advertiser whose support has kept us afloat this long. We hope our association will benefit you long after the last magazine has been sold – we are very proud of South’s long coffee table value of far beyond a year – and so we believe your advertisement will continue to land in the hands of potential clients.

We honour our relationships with the golf estates, hotels and shops that stocked us proudly.

Thank you to every editorial contributor. We honour and celebrate you elsewhere in this issue.

We recognise the advertising team, spear-headed by project manager Suna Hugo, whose tough yet indispensable job it was to bring in the funds that paid for this beautiful product. And the behind-the-scenes administrators who made everything tick.

A special note of thanks to the original team who had the dream and did all the hard stuff: Eugene Hugo, Juan Hugo, Peter Owen, Liesl Hattingh, Shyne Murray and Lino Vermaak.

May you, your family, community and business always thrive in the Southern Cape.

Goodbye and God bless

Athane Scholtz